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Engineered and Core

Hardwood Timber

Bi-fold Door Systems

For a traditional, natural look you cannot beat the feel and warmth that timber brings.

Hardwood timber not only provides a great natural look but it also a great natural insulator too and offers the best insulating properties of any of our products. So, choose a bi-fold door in timber (incorporating our high specification) and you are getting the best thermally rated bi-fold doors available.

Typically chosen to enhance traditional buildings, or as an internal room divider, hardwood timber provides a real warmth and character and is equally great for both residential and commercial use.

All of our Hardwood Timber bi-fold doors are custom made and expertly crafted using our own (certified timber) profiles and manufactured to your exact requirements in our UK factory, meaning you are buying direct from the manufacturer!

All our hardwood timber products use either ‘solid engineered timber’ in Oak or Eucalyptus or our new ‘aluminum reinforced core system’. All timbers are dipped into an anti-rot, and anti-fungal treatment to protect the frames from both the harsh rays of the sun and water ingress.

They are then finished to your specification using either a natural stain or a RAL color of your choice, or if preferred we can provide the doors unfinished so you can paint or stain to your desired finish.



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FSDC Global are industry leaders in the range of materials offered for bi-fold doors. We currently offer two options for bi-fold doors in hardwood timber, each one suited to a particular market or application use.

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Solid Engineered Hardwood Timber

Bi-fold Door

Solid engineered hardwood timber (Oak or Eucalyptus) bi-fold door - traditional character and natural warmth - enhanced!

Learn More about the EW68 model

Deep bottom rail georgian bar engineered hardwood timber bi-fold doors


Reinforced Core Hardwood Timber

Bi-fold Door

Aluminum reinforced hardwood timber bi-fold Door - improved strength, stability and acoustic properties.

Learn More about the RW65 model Coming Soon

Sprayed white 3+3 configuration, engineered hardwood timber bi-fold doors

Engineered hardwood timber is, quite simply, timber profile which consists of more than one layer. By placing (using heat, pressure and adhesive) each layer so that the grain runs perpendicularly it becomes virtually impossible for the timber to swell, shrink or warp with changes in humidity and so it dramatically increases the stability. As well as improving on nature, Improved strength and sound insulation is also achieved.

Aluminum reinforced hardwood timber is achieved by bonding the timber around an aluminum core that achieves improved strength, stability and acoustic properties.

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