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Reconfiguration Service

Don’t move, improve - by modifying existing bi-fold doors to suit your lifestyle

Modification / Reconfiguration of Bi-fold Doors

On reflection do you wish you had specified open out instead of open in? Open left instead of open right? Or included integral blinds ...

Well you still can, simply contact Customer Services for a personalised quotation & upgrade options or call us to discuss on +44 345 64 64 646

Please fill out the online Customer Services form, adding a brief description to what your modification / re-configuration requirements are. Photos can be uploaded once this form is complete (if applicable).

All modification(s) will incur a charge for additional parts and labour. Some alterations are dependant on the current configuration as to whether they can be implemented, this can be advised after a site visit / further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Modification or reconfiguration are ONLY applicable to FSDC Global (previously The Folding Sliding Company) bi-fold doors / bi-fold windows.

Enquire about Reconfiguration Service

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A few bi-fold modification(s) available:
  • Convert ‘Open Out’ to ‘Open In’
  • Convert ‘Open In’ to ‘Open Out’
  • Convert existing configuration to both ‘Open Out’ and ‘Open In’
  • Convert ‘Stacking left’ to ‘Stacking right’
  • Convert ‘Stacking right’ to ‘Stacking left’
  • Convert existing configuration to stack both ‘left’ and ‘right’
  • Create an ‘Access Door’ through re-configuration. Say for example you currently have a 4 door configuration opening one way, we could alter to a 3+1 configuration
  • Re-configure your current door set to remove or add a door panel. i.e.; you currently have a 4 door configuration, we could alter to a 3 door configuration or you currently have a 3 door configuration, we could alter to a 4 door configuration*
  • Replace or upgrade your current glazing units. Choose from triple glazed, laminated or anti-sun tinting (grey, bronze, green or blue)
  • Replace or upgrade your current hardware. Choose to upgrade to stainless steel or increase security with the latest ‘Secure by Design’ 3-5 star cylinders (TS 007) minimum
  • Add trickle ventilation (Routered through your top track)