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Tracks & Rollers

All running gear on our bi-fold doors are encapsulated and resistant to attack from potential intruders

The track plays a vital part in the overall security of your bi-fold door

We manufacture and fit our own unique inline out of sight (concealed) track system to all of our bi-fold doors and bi-fold windows as standard.

This thermally insulated, fully weather-rated aluminium track (fitted to both top and bottom) is extremely strong, robust and secure with all the bi-fold running gear (rollers/moving parts) being both encapsulated and concealed within the aluminium profile extrusion itself, making our thresholds resistant to attack from potential intruders (such as to jimmy a spade under the wheels and lifting).

Our rollers - fitted and located to both the top and bottom of the door, integral to the track system, form part of the overall security, whilst ensuring they distribute the door weight evenly. The top & bottom rollers incorporate a hinge and are fitted to join each pair of sliding door panels together. With an average of 200kg per door set, the rollers steel wheels make the door glide easily and effortlessly, while not wearing the track.

We utilise our own hardware brand (Fold ‘N’ Slide) which is uniquely designed, independently tested and accredited.

*Please note, some gaskets are removed from photographs (corner sample) for clarity

All our bi-fold door sets come with heavy duty rollers fitted to both the top & bottom of the doors.

Tracks - Bi-fold Systems
  • Fitting to both top & bottom, for even and balanced weight distribution
  • Resistant to attack, as the track conceals/encapsulates the rollers
  • Flush track option certifies as Part M disabled access compliant
  • Stable system - No danger of doors lifting or bouncing off
  • Thermally insulated, fully weather-rated
  • Available in a choice of two colours: anodised silver (standard) and bronze
Rollers - Bi-fold Systems
  • All our rollers are fully encapsulated within the track
  • Top hanging, bottom rolling (or both) for a smooth operation
  • Fully adjustable for optimum performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing, robust, durable and stable roller system
  • Not prone to attack from intruders as the roller is hidden within the track
  • Available in black, white, satin nickel or stainless steel
  • Stainless steel recommended for coastal regions (within five miles of coast)
  • Sealed bearings for maintenance free use
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View further information on Track Detail/CAD drawings on our Resources page
Photo of the bottom roller/track on a bi-fold door
Photo of the top roller/track on a bi-fold door
Photo of sample roller/track bi-fold door
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