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Bifold Doors

Integrate the way you live....
Bring the outside in.

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Designed to allow for seamless access between the inside and outside, bifold doors provide 90% or more of clear access to any opening, without the need for multiple tracks or pockets.

With over 100 different configurations doors can vary from two panels travelling in one direction up to ten panels travelling in both direction, opening either inward, outward or in both directions.

All our bifold doors are thermally insulated and custom made to suit your specification. Available in aluminium, aluminium & timber, timber, PVCu/vinyl and our flush glazed GlassIIedge™ range.

Bifold Doors at a glance



25 Year

lead times




Over 100
opening styles



Finger safe

weather tested

100s of finishes
& coatings options

How you can configure your Bifold Door

Make your bifold door UNIQUE

  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium & timber
  • Timber
  • PVCu/vinyl
  • Frameless GlassIIedge™
  • Folding options
  • Open in or open out
  • Inline or corner
  • Door or window
  • Door meets window
  • Colour (150+ RAL)
  • Finishes & coatings
  • Glass & glazing
  • Hardware & colour
  • Threshold options
  • Internal blinds
  • Cill options
  • Deep bottom rail
  • Magnetic stops
  • Trickle vents
  • Glazing bars

Choose your Bifold Door

Get started, choose your choice of material...

Photo of aluminium bifold door profile


Bifold Doors

Photo of aluminium and hardwood timber bifold door profile

Aluminium & Timber

Bifold Doors

Photo of hardwood timber bifold door profile

Hardwood Timber

Bifold Doors

Photo of PVCu/vinyl bifold door profile


Bifold Doors

Photo of GlassIIedge™ bifold door profile


Bifold Doors

Bifold Door configurations

A bifold door can accommodate all tastes, applications and building requirements

Configurations are made up of two basic elements, a bifold and an access door. The bifold is two panels hinged together with rollers either side and operated by a flat to frame handle, the access door (sometimes known as a swing panel or daily door) is operated by a lever handle. Any configurations with an odd number of panels traveling in one direction will feature an access door.

Bifold Doors at a glance

Explore the features available with our bifold doors

FSDC Global Accreditations link

FSDC Global are committed to delivering fit for purpose quality doors and windows, with ourselves and all of our products going through the relevant testing bodies to gain the appropriate accreditation(s) for their intended territories.

Numerous bifold door uses or applications

There are so many situations in which a bifold door can be a solution to improving your living space and the environment around you. Break down those barriers by creating a wider opening with a bifold door and bring the outside, inside.

100’s of RAL colour finishes

Make a statement with your choice of colour with 100’s of RAL colours to choose from. Choose any RAL colour reference to marry with existing architecture, to match or complement existing windows and doors. RAL references can apply to aluminium, timber and glass products.

Design your own bifold door

There are over 100 opening styles, including: inward opening, outward opening, stacking to the left, stacking to the right and stacking both ways.

Opening configurations ranging from two panels one way to seven panels both ways. You can also choose inline, corner, window or zig-zag!

Options on corners, internal, external, sliding post, open open out
Corner Options

Bifold doors make great corner doors, options include; internal corners, external corners, sliding post (cantilever roof) or no posts. Internally opening or externally opening.

Timber door feature deep bottom rail
Deep Bottom Rail

Timber option only. Set within the door panel frame, we can add increments of 68mm/2 11/16in deep timber bar(s) to increase the bottom rail. Used for decorative/aesthetic purposes, to match interior skirting etc.

High specification finger safe compression gaskets fitted as standard
Finger Safe Gaskets

All our bifold doors and bifold windows are child friendly and fitted with finger safe gaskets. Fully weather tight and a compression that can grip and hold a piece of paper.

Timber sprayed, powder coated, anodised and special finishes
Finishes & Coatings

Depending on what material you choose will dictate which finish you can have. Whether your choice is timber, aluminium, aluminium and timber clad or glass, we have quality, durable, hard wearing finishes that will enhance your chosen product.

Flush threshold fitted as standard on all bifold doors, Part M disabled access compliant
Flush Threshold (Standard)

Our flush threshold (fitted as standard) blends the inside floor with the outside floor with a zero trip hazard. Our flush track also certifies as Part M disabled access compliant and is fully weather-rated. Colour options available.

Functional and practical

Our bifold doors are so easy to use and very practical for every day use. Transform the way you interact with your home, by choosing to install a bifold door. Blend the outside with the inside, and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Choose the style of glass, tinted, laminated, double triple glazed etc
Glass Options

Our standards are high - our double glazed units include toughened, low-e coated glass with Super Spacer® bars. We also offer a huge selection of glass options, which can make a huge difference to the thermal, acoustic and aesthetic properties of your chosen door and window products.

finish your bespoke made doors with Georgian bar, critical or blinds
Glazing Options

Make your doors and windows truly unique, with some glazing additions - such as; Georgian bars, transoms/mullions, crittall effects or integral blinds. Some are for structural requirements while others are functional or purely design aesthetics.

Fold N Slide quality hardware fitted to our bifold doors

All bifold doors are fitted with durable, quality, heavy duty, hardwearing Fold N Slide hardware, and include lever handles, flat handles, pull handles, butt hinges and encapsulated rollers. Colour options available.

All panels that meet interlock creating added strength and resistance from crow bar attack
Interlocking Panels

Tongue and groove (interlocking) door panels to prevent lever opening. A standard feature across our bifold door range whichever material option you choose. This feature gives improved strength and security and prevents lever opening.

Add internal blinds between within your glazed units for added privacy
Internal Blinds

Enjoy your bifold doors and your privacy with integral blinds. Sealed within the glazed units, blinds stay clean and free of damage. No dusting, no tangled or dangling cords, no crimping or denting and because they’re protected between glass they retain their ‘like new’ look.

magnetic stops, to prevent doors damaging hardware and prevents knocks
Magnetic Panel Stops

Designed to magnetise together and prevent door panels from crashing into one another, stop handles from impacting onto the frames or simply to hold the door open in high winds. Colour options available.

choose your material - FSDC Global offer one of the largest options
Material Options

FSDC Global offer bifold doors in numerous material options, including; aluminium, aluminium & timber, hardwood timber, PVCu/Vinyl and the patented frameless GlassIIedge™ range (glass/glass, glass/aluminium, glass/timber).

Configure your bespoke designed doors - open in, open to or both
Open In/Open Out

Everyone of our bespoke UK manufactured bifold doors is available to either open in, open out, or open in and out! Designed to work around you and your living space.

Check out the many security features built in as standard

All our bifold door have fantastic security features as standard which are tested to destruction in UKAS approved testing stations. Encapsulated running gear, Interlocking door panels, five point multi-locking, Security cylinder, Internally glazed and non face fixed hinges. Document Q options also available.

Fast turn-a-round (from 5 days) on stock aluminium colour options
Stock Colours

Aluminium doors and windows manufactured from as little as five days when choosing stock colours: 7016 anthracite grey (matt), 9005 jet black (matt) and 9016 traffic white (satin).

Bespoke Bifold Door options

Create a bifold door style bespoke to you. With bifolds available as inline, corner, pass-thru window (small doors essentially) or door meets window, and manufactured to your exacting requirements, you can make something truly unique.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications
Thermal Efficiency

All of our bifold door systems have been tested or thermally simulated to indicate the true thermal value, helping you choose the right option for your property and helping you save money on your fuel bills.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications
Threshold Options

We currently offer nine threshold options to satisfy all applications, tastes and current building regulations. All options include a thermally insulated aluminium track and allow the bifold doors to either open inward or outward.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications
Tracks & Rollers

All our bifold doors use the same quality, heavy duty top and bottom tracks and encapsulated roller system. This dual operating system offers an effortless smooth operation whilst also being highly secure.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications

If your installation needs to satisfy Part F Building regulations, then you might require ‘Trickle Vents’.

Trickle vents are fitted to the top track and allow air flow. Colour options available.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications

All products supplied by FSDC Global are warranted in the UK with a 25 year product warranty*, a 10 year manufacturers warranty, a £1,000 security warranty and a 10 year insurance backed warranty.

Numerous Bifold Door uses or applications

All our bifold doors have been tested at UKAS accredited testing stations and passed the PAS23 weather test to extreme weather conditions.

Explore our full Bifold Door range

Bifold doors available in a huge range of materials/material combinations for all applications.

We have five aluminium thermally insulated bifold door options and one non-thermally insulated bifold door option available, each suited to a particular market or application use.

Premium aluminium bifold door corner set garden room
Premium Standard Aluminium Bifold Door

Our most popular system, the AA72 system delivers superior strength, flexibility, aesthetics and is designed for durability, energy efficiency, strong weather performance and low maintenance every day use.

High security aluminium bifold doors fitted to modern permitted development extension
Aluminium Security Enhanced Bifold Door

Security enhanced doors and certified ‘Approved Document Q’ for the UK. Tested to destruction in an independent lab testing facility.

HD82 hurricane impact aluminium bifold doors fitted in the Cayman Islands
Hurricane Impact Aluminium Bifold Door

Ultimate performance in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) conditions and other wind-borne areas with an outstanding Cat 5 Hurricane testing/DP70 rating.

HD82 hurricane  aluminium bifold doors fitted in North America
Hurricane Non-Impact Aluminium Bifold Door

Florida Building Code Compliant. Achieved one of the highest ever pass rates for a bifold door, reaching 5160 pascals, equal to a 204mph wind.

Inline stacking internal (UK) bifold doors fitted to link through extension
Aluminium Internal Bifold Door

Slim sight lines and a smaller stacking space, ideal for internal and some external solutions.

New core aluminium system coming soon
NEW Core Aluminium System Bifold Door

The next generation aluminium system - the AA65 is an internally reinforced aluminium core system, a system built from the inside out.

We have three aluminium and hardwood timber bifold door options available, each suited to a particular market or application use.

Showroom child playing, hardwood timber and aluminium bifold doors
Aluminium (external) & Hardwood Timber (Internal) Bifold Door

Our original hybrid system, the AW73 Solid Engineered Hardwood Timber BiFold Door delivers the best of both worlds - natural character and warmth of timber to the inside and the modern benefits of aluminium to the outside!

New AW65 core aluminium system coming soon
NEW Core System - Aluminium & Hardwood Timber Bifold Door

A thermally insulated aluminium core system - the AW65 is internally reinforced with aluminium and includes discreetly locked on the timber and aluminium profile faces with no need for beading clips and is fully reversible.

New AW55 core aluminium system coming soon
NEW Core System, Ultra Slim Aluminium & Hardwood Timber Bifold Door

A thermally insulated aluminium core system - the AW55 is ultra slim and internally reinforced with aluminium which includes discreetly locked on timber and aluminium profile faces with no need for beading clips and is fully reversible.

We have two hardwood timber bifold door options available, each suited to a particular market or application use.

Engineered hardwood timber bifold door with deep bottom rail and Georgian bar
Engineered Hardwood Timber Bifold Door

Solid Engineered Hardwood Timber (Oak or Eucalyptus) Bifold Door - Traditional character and natural warmth - enhanced!

Engineered hardwood timber bifold door to satisfy Document Q installation
Engineered Hardwood Timber Enhanced Security (Doc Q) Bifold Door

Solid Engineered Hardwood Timber (Oak or Eucalyptus) Bifold Door - Reinforced to satisfy Approved Document Q compliance.

New RW65 core aluminium system coming soon
NEW Reinforced Core Hardwood Timber Bifold Door

Aluminium reinforced hardwood timber - Traditional look with modern technology.

New RW55 core aluminium system coming soon
NEW Slimline Reinforced Core Hardwood Timber Bifold Door

Ultra slim aluminium reinforced Hardwood Timber Bifold Door - improved strength, stability and acoustic properties.

We have a PVCu/vinyl bifold door option available, perfect for matching existing PVCu windows and doors.

PVCu/Vinyl bifold doors installed in a snug extension
PVCu/Vinyl Bifold Door

The PV71 is extremely thermally efficiency, durable and strong. Its easy to clean and requires next to no maintenance to keep it looking good all year round.

We currently have two GlassIIEdge™ bifold door options available (with 3 more currently under development), each suited to a particular market or application use.

GlassIIedge™ Flush glazed to both sides
Glass/Glass GlassIIedge™ Frameless Bifold Door

GG65 is a 70mm/2¾in core all glass triple flush glazing system, frame-free and flush glazed to both sides, achieving fantastic thermal values. Stunning minimalist modern living.

GlassIIedge™ Flush glazed to both sides
Ultra Slim Glass/Glass GlassIIedge™ Frameless Bifold Door

GG55 is a 53mm/2in ultra slim core all glass double or triple flush glazing system, frame-free and flush glazed to both sides, achieving fantastic thermal values. Stunning minimalist modern living.

Slimline GlassIIedge™ Flush glazed to both sides
Aluminium/Glass GlassIIedge™ Frameless Bifold Door

AG65 is a 70mm/2¾in triple glazed, internally reinforced aluminium core system, finished with flush glazing to one side and aluminium profile to the other (reversible design).

Slimline GlassIIedge™ Flush glazed to both sides
Timber/Glass GlassIIedge™ Frameless Bifold Door

WG65 is a 70mm/2¾in, triple glazed, internally reinforced aluminium core system, finished with flush glazing to one side and a hardwood timber profile to the other (reversible design).

Slimline GlassIIedge™ Flush glazed to both sides
Ultra Slim Timber/Glass GlassIIedge™ Frameless Bifold Door

WG55 is a 53mm/2in ultra slim, double or triple glazed, internally reinforced aluminium core system, finished with flush glazing to one side and a hardwood timber profile to the other (reversible design).

Compare our Bifold Door range

Quickly compare specifications across our bifold door range

Material Aluminium Aluminium & Timber Timber PVCu/vinyl GlassIIEdge™
Model Number AA65 AA72 HD82i HD82 NT45 Q72 AW65 AW73 RW65 EW68 Q68 PV71 GG65 AG65 WG65
Direct from the manufacturer
Made in the UK
25 year product warranty
10 year manufacturers warranty
5 year glass warranty
10 year IB warranty (HomePro)*
£1,000 security warranty*
14 day money back guarantee*
Low threshold (Approved Document M/Disabled Access)
Finger safe high grade gaskets (child friendly)
Easy to operate (child friendly)
Effortlessly smooth (top/bottom rollers)
Robust hardware
Thermal efficiency
UKAS PAS23 weather tested
Thermally insulated aluminium - profiles
Thermally insulated aluminium - threshold
High performance seals/gaskets
Encapsulated rollers/running gear (top & bottom) - so cannot be lifted
Five point locking to access door
Five star diamond ABS TS007 euro cylinders (anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill)
Hardened steel hook locks
Dead bolts
Shoot bolts (top & bottom) - locate directly into the tracks
Internally glazed/beaded
Security hinges - non-surface mounted
Tongue and groove interlocking panels to prevent lever opening
Security tested UKAS PAS 24 2016
Stronger/thicker (1.75mm) aluminium profile
Aluminium reinforced PVCu profile
CE compliant
AAMA certified
NFRC approved
Miami-Dade approved (NOA No. 13-1028.04/13-1028.03)
Florida Building Code approved (FL16291)
FSC certified timber/Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC)
Double glazed glass units (as standard)
Triple glazed glass units (as standard)
Low-E coated glass (Planitherm One)
Internally glazed/beaded
Super spacer
Argon gas filled
Tempered (toughened) glass
Tracks & Rollers
In-line out of sight track system
Flush track/threshold
Approved Document M/wheelchair accessible
Concealed running gear
Top and bottom rollers to distribute weight load
Steel wheels (sealed bearings/maintenance free)

Every door (bifold, single door, french door, corner door or divider) is bespoke made to order in your chosen material, and fabricated from the same profile to ensure the perfect match.

Single Doors

The perfect finish to marry with an existing run of doors. Many people choose this single door has a rear or side entrance door when part of a larger installation or simply to marry with your chosen windows.

French Doors

Again we offer matching french doors to comlpete the look. Looks great as a stand-alone door set or part of a larger matching installation.

Corner Doors

Really open up your living space with a bifold corner door set. Offers great flexibility and versatility for modern day living.

Room Dividers

Offering an affordable and flexible solution for zoning or dividing spaces up. Generally installed in commercial or school settings, but also a great option for residential applications such as home gymnasiums, pools and garages.

Bifold Door FAQs

There are many upvc and joinery companies that believe that they can simply manufacture some rectangle panels, fit some hardware on them that they purchase from their hardware supplier and call themselves a folding sliding door specialist. We specialise in folding sliding doors only. The design and manufacture of folding sliding doors is an exact science. Do not buy from chancers.

Our doors are manufactured using our own UKAS tested profile and hardware; this has been developed over the past eight years with our three main designers offering a wealth of engineering knowledge and having over 25 years experience in the science of creating Folding Sliding Doors systems alone.

We often hear customers on the telephone say ‘well one folding sliding door is the same as any another, isn’t it?’ or ‘I would like a folding sliding door’. All folding sliding doors are not the same. This is a bit like going into a car dealership and saying ‘I would like a car’. There are big differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. Materials used, hardware used, strength, longevity, function and warranty.

Most companies offering folding sliding doors are based in high value property areas. They pay high rates for the property they are based at. We are based in regeneration area, our rates are low and discounted as we provide local employment to over 25 of our factory staff that come from the area.

Nearly all of our competitors buy their doors from else where or buy their hardware and profiles at a loaded price through a middle man or supplier. We manufacture our own hardware at our quality assured UKAS & ISO-9001 certified factory.

We buy our aluminium profiles directly from our extruders in Banbury and Guangdong and our timber from the UK's largest importers. We do not buy through an agent or middle man. We do not have expensive sales reps. We have no need to hard sell.

There are many different folding sliding doors on the market and it can be quite confusing as to which one to buy.

Like for Like refers to: specialist engineered folding sliding doors and not "I'll get some upvc, aluminium or timber, make some rectangles and stick some hardware on them" folding sliding doors. Like for Like refers to: 70mm Thermally broken aluminium, 70mm Thermally broken aluminium and timber clad and 65mm to 70mm Laminated hardwood.

Like for Like refers to: an inline folding sliding door that does not have hinges, rollers or track fixed to the face of the system. You can not see the rollers or track when the door is closed. The hinges are not face fixed, they do not have large plastic covers on them to hide the hinge and fixing screws. The system can be inward or outward stacking and still maintain security. The system can be any possible configuration of your choice.

There is not a like for like offer on Upvc as we are the only manufacturer of the inline folding sliding door, of which we have the designright until 2017.

We offer an inline out of site track system, this track system is strong and secure. It is supplied to you flush as standard, however it can incorporate a sill. All our running gear is concealed and is resistant to attack from potential intruders.

You should be very cautious when choosing your door system as the track is a vital part of the security of your door. If an intruder can get access to the track, they have easy access to your home with the simple lift of a crow bar. These systems can only be inward opening. Many of these door systems do not have a water resistant flush track option.

Many companies (specialists) in the folding sliding door industry have their doors manufactured in Europe and ship them to you, hence the delivery waiting period being from 8 to 24 weeks. We manufacture between 200 to 300 door sets per week and have a maximum of 3 weeks delivery waiting period. Once the doors are manufactured and quality checked, they are boxed and racked ready for delivery or collection.

An important point to note is that you need to consider what happens if things go wrong. As with any other product that you purchase, they can break down or get damaged. The question here is, how long do you have to wait for a replacement?

Our replacement policy is that customers requiring replacements are jumped to the front of the manufacturing queue to reduce your waiting time. We do not have to import your replacement parts from another country.

No, there are many companies that buy their doors from manufactures abroad and then sell them to you. These countries include Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey and even China. Some companies buy their doors from more than one country.

We have factories in Bradford UK, Orlando Florida USA, Kelowna Canada. Each factory supplies its own country.

Many systems are fitted with aluminium rod locking with plastic cones on the top. Their reason for this is that if you were to use steel bolts it would wear the aluminium track.

Our tracking is extruded to specification ‘6063:T6’. ‘T6’ indicates the tempered strength of the aluminium, T6 = Very Strong. Many manufactures use ‘T4’ or ‘T5’. ‘T4’ can be bent to create curved tracks.

Our company chairman was once employed by a European folding sliding door company that use this type of locking. Whilst in their employment he was shown a way to unlock a locked door in seconds with the use of basic tools. As more of these doors enter the market there is a chance that this information will get into the wrong hands.

Other systems that have appeared on the market over the last two years use flush shoot bolt locking that is fitted to the face of the door. As a result you have to manually lock each bolt separately. The system looks very well presented, however the running tracks on an outward opening system leave the door vulnerable to intruder attack and entry. These doors are only sold as inward opening.

Security is one of our main concerns when it come to door design.

All our locking has hardened steel hook locks, dead bolts and top and bottom shoot bolts. All our locks are tested secure and have a ‘Sold Secure’ rating. We are a Sold Secure approved installer.

At present The Folding Sliding Door Company is the only company in the UK to submit its system to a UKAS accredited testing station for PAS 24 security endurance testing and passed with flying colours.

During the tests the doors were hammered, rammed, pounded, pulled, pushed, lifted and crow bared by forces that equalled a 20 stone man trying to force entry.

Most systems on the market are weather tight, with high performance rubber seals and brush seals. However, there are some systems that have little or no seals at all. One crude but easy test is to close a folding door onto a sheet of paper and try to pull the paper out. If it pulls out easily there is not a water tight compression on the seals.

Our system has been tested at a UKAS accredited testing station and passed the PAS23 weather test to extreme weather conditions of over 300 pascals.

We use two rubber EPDM seals on each side of each panel and high performance brush seals on the top and bottom of the panel.

The system also includes a tongue and groove feature to (1) prevent water infiltration, (2) keep the system stable with one panel interlocking with another and (3) to prevent attack by an intruder.

As for our competitions doors, we couldn't really say. However, feedback that we have received from installers that have installed different systems, has been that ours is the easiest system they have ever installed.

Most manufactures only offer a 12 month warranty, some a little longer.

We are so confident in our product that all of our doors come with a 25 Year Warranty.

All of our door systems are also supplied with a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee by Home Pro Insurance.

As a manufacturer that creates a lot of waste, we feel that is our moral responsibility to recycle all of our waste.

  • Our timber waste is chipped and collected by a large extraction unit.
  • The chipped waste timber is then extracted to a briquette machine.
  • The briquette machine compresses the waste with 8 tonnes of pressure.
  • Small briquettes of timber waste are formed that are nearly as hard as a cricket ball.
  • These briquettes are the used to fuel heaters to heat the factory.
  • All of our aluminium waste is placed in bins that are collected by a recycling agent.