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FENSA Certificates

FSDC Global is an Approved Installer. Registration Number: 30316

FSDC Global is an Approved Installer. Registration Number: 30316

Work monitored by FENSA
FENSA monitors replacement of the following for compliance to relevant Building Regulations in residential properties in England and Wales*:

  • External windows
  • External doors **
  • Roof windows
  • Roof lights

* Provided they are cited on their original footprint in a heated area, where the use or size of rooms has not been altered. Cut out & fill in scenarios are also acceptable just as long as you have not made the aperture any wider.

A point of interest for our customers is that FENSA will certify the installation where there is a cut down window as long as the width of the opening has not changed.

** It is only mandatory for FENSA Approved Installers to register an external door installation with FENSA if the door contains over 50% glass. However if you would like a FENSA certificate for an installation of external doors that contain less than 50% glass, simply ask your FENSA Approved Installer for a FENSA Certificate before you sign your contract.

NOTE: Supply of windows only (not installed) is not monitored by FENSA and will not produce a FENSA Certificate

Work not monitored by FENSA
FENSA doesn't monitor the following installation work:

  • New conservatories
  • New porches or existing porches where there is no heating
  • Loft conversions
  • Property conversions (i.e. a house being split into multiple flats)
  • New builds
  • New extensions
  • Repairs (where frame not included)
  • Commercial properties

Work that is not monitored by FENSA comes under the inspection of your Local Building Control.

FSDC Global is an Approved Installer - Registration Number: 30316, click here to check our listing.

NOTE: FSDC Global do not issue FENSA certificates (FENSA issue the certificates), we register the installation (if deemed to fall into the FENSA remit) has an approved Installer and then FENSA issue the certificate direct to the homeowner(s).