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Give your business The Folding Sliding Door Company finish

Why are our doors the perfect addition to your business?

Our bi-folding doors and windows provide your premises with instant class and sophistication. They are the first feature your customer will cast their eyes on as they walk through your entrance. Adding a bespoke statement like this is the ultimate solution to making a fabulous first impression. Not only are these doors aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly secure and offer outstanding thermal efficiency if you're looking to save the pennies as a business.


As a business, security is naturally one of your main concerns. Here at the Folding Sliding Door company, we've got you covered. The security and integrity of our doors have been tested to destruction in UKAS approved testing laboratories. During these security tests our doors were put to the ultimate test. Our doors were hammered, rammed, pounded, pulled, pushed, lifted and crow barred by forces that equalled a 20 stone man trying to force entry! Our doors will always keep your premises safe and secure.


You may wish to improve the overall look of your premises, or perhaps your aiming to transform your beer garden into a sophisticated extra space for your customers to enjoy. What ever your goal, the Folding Sliding Door company can help you to achieve it.

Thermal Efficiency

Perhaps you're a business looking to save money on your bills? Why not invest in something now which will save you money in the long term! The aluminium in our systems is thermally broken. All of our systems are double glazed with low-E glass as standard; we have tested for water ingress and air permeability and are CE compliant. Increased thermal efficiency can be achieved by upgrading your glass choice!

Is our product right for your business?

Perhaps your business is placed next to a beautiful scenery but your customers are unable to see it? Allow our bespoke Folding Sliding Doors to create a unique selling point of your business! What makes your business stand out from the rest? What makes your business different? It could be that your customers can sit and look out to a beautiful view while they enjoy your services!

There's no doubt that our product will transform your premises into a luxurious space for your customers to enjoy.

Bring the outside into your business with some Folding Sliding Patio Doors.