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Ultra Slim Flush Glazed Glass/Glass

GG55 GlassIIEdge™

Thermally Insulated Flush Glazed
Bifold Door System

Patented flush glazed, frameless glass with glass. GG55 is an ultra slim all glass double or triple flush glazing system. With many door and window options, achieving fantastic thermal values.

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

10 Year Insurance Backed Warranty

25 Product Warranty

£1,000 Security Warranty


GG55 53mm 2in uses our patented GlassIIEdge system, a sleek modern look both inside and outside.

The GG55 series offers a new and revolutionary way to glaze your home or business, giving you the ability to design windows and doors your way. Choose which material you require on each side from edgeless glass, aluminium, or timber and then choose the colours to suit your vision.

The GG55 system offers strength and durability while being low maintenance. The thermally broken profile provides an efficient product that will help ensure your home stays the right temperature and keeps your heating and cooling bills low. All 55 series frames can be customized with a choice of RAL colours, hardware, thresholds and glazing options.

A matching range of windows and doors are available.

CE Compliant
BS EN 14351-1: 2006

Approved Installer

Glazing Technology

GG65 profile drawing


Key Features
  • Thermally broken for greater thermal efficiency
  • Finger safe and severe weather rated seals and gaskets
  • Dual running roller system, encapsulated in the track
  • Corner posts can be incorported to produce corner openings
  • Hidden Rollers and locking
  • Heavy-duty corner connectors for strength and durability
  • Modern appearance
  • No condensation
  • Maintenance free, life expectancy of up to 25 year
  • Corner posts can be incorporated to produce corner openings
  • In-line out of sight track offering a practical functionality
  • Marine treatment available for salt water environments
  • Outlet Water escape
  • Pull handle(s), to enable ease of operation and easy closing
  • Resistant to scratching & denting
  • Robust hardware using our own ‘Fold N Slide’ hardware range
  • Steel wheels sealed bearings for maintenance free use
  • Structurally strong - built to last
  • Thicker, stronger aluminium profiles than most competitors
  • Trickle Ventilation, to satisfy building regulations


  • End panels and pass doors are fitted with high security locking mechanisms
  • Intermediate panel joints are held closed by internal shoot-bolts top and bottom
  • Option of key locking shoot-bolts are available for added security and external access
  • Finger safe gaskets are designed to be safe should fingers get trapped upon closing
  • Encapsulated running gear within the track, preventing it from being attacked


  • High performance seals/gaskets
  • PVC nitrile (synthetic rubber) gaskets, fitted as standard and used to seal the double glazed units into the panels and protect the door from water ingress
  • PVC nitrile seals between each panel (including top and bottom of the panel) to prevent water, wind and noise from entering the property
  • Tested for water ingress, wind resistance and air permeability

The main properties of PVC nitrile is its outstanding heat, acoustic and thermal resistances.

Thermal efficiency
  • No condensation
  • Super Spacer® bars fitted as standard to glass units
  • Thermally insulated aluminium track
  • U-Value of complete unit from 1.42 W/m2k
  • UKAS PAS23 weather tested
  • Weather tested to over 300 pascals


Frame width: 60mm / 2⅜in
Frame depth: 53mm / 2in
Maximum opening width: 18300mm / 60ft
Maximum opening height: 3000mm / 10ft
Panel height range (min/max): 305mm / 1ft - 3000mm / 10ft
Panel width range (min/max): 305mm / 1ft - 2100mm / 7ft
Material: Glass / Aluminium
Stock colours: Glass / RAL
Optional colours: Glass tint or clear
U-Value of complete unit - W/m2k: TBC
U-Value of centre pane (Glass) - W/m2k: TBC
U-Factor of complete unit - Btu/h·ft²·°F: TBC
Guarantee (Product): Up to 25 years
Guarantee (Manufacturers): 10 years
Aluminium thickness: 1.75mm / 1/16in
Glass units, standard: 53mm / 2in double glazed, low-E tempered
Glass units, optional: Triple glazing, Laminated, anti-sun tinting (grey, bronze, green and blue), Turtle Glass, Krypton Gas
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