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Environmental Commitment

We are committed to helping the environment where we can through continuous improvements

FSDC Global are continually looking for cleaner and greener ways of working, improving our environmental credentials, reducing the environmental impact of our products and helping to safeguard the planet in the process, such as:

Green Product Initiative logo

Product initiative

When developing new products, we make a careful assessment of its energy saving potential, which in reality means lower heating and cooling bills for our customers and users, thus saving energy and making a lesser impact on the environment.

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Product thermal ratings

We publish thermal ratings for each door and window product as the ‘complete unit’ which takes into consideration both the profile material and the centre pane glass, not just the centre pane value which can be misleading. This then gives the consumer a true reflection to make an informed decision on which product to use.

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FSDC Global endeavour to maintain a zero to landfill strategy whilst maintaining a focus on reducing waste volumes in all areas of the business. This is why we are committed to both Aluminium and PVCu/vinyl collection/recycling schemes. Timber waste is turned into briquettes on-site and used for fuel within the factory.

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Timber products

FSDC Global only use environmentally sourced hardwood timber in the manufacture of its timber doors and window products. We use Malaysian Timber Certification Council certified timber, which can be traced back to sustainable forest management and includes a chain of custody certification.