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FSDC Global Company History

Where it all began (timeline)...

A Brief Company History

The beginning

Folding Sliding Doors Limited was started in 2001 when Paul Shearman, a joiner and engineer working in the bi-fold door industry in Germany, developed an inline folding sliding door system for the British market. Main improvement over previous attempts was in the hardware - flush hinges, slim flat handles and a running track to both the top and bottom for even weight distribution of the sliding panels were used, setting this product apart from the rest.

Unique technology

The development was an advancement on the cumbersome hardware that was in use, and the use of top and bottom running tracks meant smooth operation and the extra support to allow for taller and wider openings. Flush tracks were as standard to comply with Part M disability access regulations, and the absence of faced fixed hinges made the doors extra secure.

Continued growth

By 2003 and after continual improvements and now trading as The Folding Sliding Door Company, it was the first company to develop an inline PVCu bi-fold door system which used the industry leading VEKA Matrix PVCu window and door profile with no face fixed hardware and concealed running gear, and successfully brought it to market. Turnover had reached £1 million, the company had acquired premises and was employing 16 staff to manufacture the product.

Awards recognition

In 2007 the company won The Business of the Year award (from 150,000 nominated businesses at the House of Commons). The award was given to the company based on it success in such a short space of time, innovation and the business ethics.

The general popularity of bi-fold doors has soared during the company’s time in business, as both commercial owners and property owners have realised the potential of wider openings in commercial buildings as well as a better living experience for residential homes.

Growing our product range

Today, the company has evolved with the pace of demand and still makes bi-fold doors in PVCu, but also offers bi-folds in aluminium, hardwood timber, aluminium/hardwood timber and and the new patented flush glazed ‘GlassIIedge™’ range.

We also offer new products to compliment such as bi-fold windows (bar-top/pass-thru windows), casement windows, sash windows, room dividers, fixed panels, sliding doors, french doors, single doors and corner door options.

Expansion onto hardware

In addition, the company also manufactures its own range of hardware, profile extrusions and patented design rights which enables total control over its own products. It also continues to supply contracts to major house builders, trade customers and bespoke contracts, many of which have featured on various TV home improvement programmes.